Greg lives next door

Greg Edmonson lives in the studio next door and generally laughs sardonically and is never short on great music.

Here’s an improvised photo+word=poem dedicated to his paintings.


lines that curve

seem flat when you are walking along them

ants don’t notice they’re circling the perimeter of the mug

we always know when the lines are broken


each of our lots are mostly the same

with little variations in area and perimeter

under different lights of day

i see you, neighbor


i like that your world is made of dots, too


you are a painter who won’t paint over terrazzo tiles

just because there is so much more space

between the darker spots

doesn’t mean they don’t contain a triangle


and sometimes what you thought was a fork in the road

because you’re just a little ant-dot in the world


turns out to be a cul de sac

but you went down every path

and brought us back a map.




all paintings by Greg Edmonson

wordings by Jeanette Powers


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