On The Road…to OAC

When I hopped into the car with OAC board member Tony Hayden I was leaving behind months of illness and a torn ligament in my right knee that had left me unable to walk for the better part of three months and what was quickly becoming another chilly winter on Lake Michigan.

After what turned out to be several hours of the most enjoyable conversation I’d had in a very long time, I arrived at the farm, and was greeted by OAC Executive Director Mark McClane, and fellow resident artists Greg Edmondson and Aaron Fine, who already feel like close friends, and well as the dogs, who nearly knocked me over in their excitement.

I was then handed the keys to the garage studio, which Tony had told me about on the way there, my little one bedroom house immediately fit me like a glove, with the stress from the last several months leaving my body within hours.

The next morning I got up and began making new work at 4 am, something I had been too stressed out to do for a long time, and between dinners, talking and new friends and a wonderful Thanksgiving spent in town, I’ve completed about 30 new pieces since I first got here just days ago, and am well on the way to finishing the new book I came to complete. Many of these creations have already been picked up for publication in places like London and Los Angeles in the coming months, and while I have been indoors a lot, November weather will do that, the river and the surrounding property is beautiful, and have helped me to relax just enough to get back to work, but on something I care very deeply about, and I look forward to more quiet productive days ahead at OAC.

-John Dorsey, Artist-In-Residence