Warp and Weft

Before I came to the residency, I saw on the website that there was a full-sized floor loom on the farm. When I was a kid, my mother showed me how to weave on a lap loom, a hobby which I kept up and still enjoy. But I never knew exactly what kind of limitations I was living in until I got here. The lap loom allows me to create a piece of woven fabric in a small rectangular size. The projects I have been able to create with these pieces are minimal and even though I enjoy the therapeutic aspects of weaving and love the different designs that are available to me, I had become rather bored of making the same small size over and over.

I have never even touched a floor-sized loom so when I saw it in the residence, I felt intimidated by its size and figured that projects on it might be impossible since I didn’t know how it worked. But one evening, I decided I wanted to try anyway so I looked up a series of tutorials online and found some great advice detailing the different parts of the loom, how to set it up so it is in working order, and instructions on creating and finishing a project. While setting up a floor-sized loom for a project takes time and patience (it took about five days to set the whole project up including finding parts of the loom that had gravitated to other parts of the house!), actually weaving it was amazingly fast. Once set up, it took only a few hours to completely weave a 60 inch woolen scarf!

I’m attaching a link to the youtube channel that helped me put this project into motion. She is very detailed and explains every step of the process thoroughly. Please expect to try a lot of new forms of art if you come for a residency here! The opportunities are vast.

Elizabeth Wagner’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/elizziewag/videos