Getting Some Good Advice

Every day, I sit down and try to spend a good amount of time drawing. I’m trying to train my eyes to see what is actually¬†there instead of relying on image assumptions that I’ve used in the past. Since I moved up to the garage studio and starting working in the residence with Josh, I’ve been able to finagle him into drawing with me from time to time. The more I¬†watch Josh draw, the more I learn about spatial relationships that I was ignoring with my untrained eye. I’ve started to deconstruct figures based on simple, directional lines and build up from there. It sounds pretty basic but I’ve never had the opportunity of watching an extremely talented artist work. I definitely did not think that I would be getting this much out of my residency as I thought I would be working alone the entire time. Instead, I can see marked improvements based on the careful critiques and advice I am receiving from Josh.