Night out at the Wenwood Winery

Well, we artists, (Josh, Nolin, Grace and I), made our way over to the winery some days ago- must have been last Saturday, since that’s when they have bands. It was a really nice night of weather, just like the mild weather we’d been having. Plus, there was Reggy! He’s the adorable little black dog that doesn’t shed. There were so many names this mut had of its varying breeds that I don’t feel any responsibility remembering a single one of them. He was quite cuddly and had all the energy you need as a 12 week old puppy. Oh, and there was music and art there, too.
Actually, it was seriously very good that I finally saw Josh’s paintings at the winery, or finally realized that they were his. He’s got a great one across the width of the length of the little store there where you can buy your little plastic glass of wine for $7.50. Glad I was the DD…
And he had another beautiful large painting on the side inside that building. A good night at the winery…


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