The Belle Fair

Well, the OAC artists were among the many people at the fair the last few nights, and it looks like I’ll head over to try the circular ride this afternoon. Tractor pull, Rodeo, Demo. Derby, plus shootin’ hoops for a chance for a gargantuan sized stuffed animal, as well as some food was what I took in so far.
As I reflected about what this entertainment is, I realized it consisted of watching: plumes of black smoke come out of a truck, bulls get tortured, people risking bodily harm, destroying vehicles and going on a seemingly dangerous ride. The activities were all about frightening yourself. If that’s what we do for enjoyment, no wonder there are so many possible wars on the horizon, or currently going on.
And besides those, the stuff that wasn’t scary involved spending money in the unlikely event of winning a large useless piece of junk, and eating pure sugar, (at least that was some of the food selection.)
Hope you enjoyed it. Tonight ought to be a nice change: a country music concert, a nice way to end Belle’s fair.


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