Only one guest at the Art Center this Friday, but she is one who sees all the exhibits.

The last few weeks have been slow at the Art Center, and I expect that’s the norm this time of year. But, the one guest named Kathy who came by, said she tries to see all the exhibits here in Belle. In fact, she was disappointed that her schedule didn’t allow for her to make the opening back in June.
Of course, I stopped by the creamery down the block for what is becoming a favorite: Andes Mint concrete, which means mixing the mints in the cream, as opposed to having them sprinkled on top. But, that wasn’t nearly the end of my eating, as Kathy invited me over for what turned out to be a little diner party, with her husband Lawrence, and three of their friends/family besides me.
They were starting a roofing job when I arrived at their farm, which was supposed to be finished the next day. A friend/family member of theirs named Keith talked farming and more, and I also got a tour of their beautiful farm.
The meal that Kathy and her friend/relative prepared was all from family farm fresh products, except for the rice. And the dressing was put on I believe ‘wilted’ style: pouring it hot onto the lettuce to make it wilt. Then their was white tailed deer, gravy, fresh salad makings, fried zucchini and home made white or cherry wine. Plus, we had an early taste of red wine that is probably two months from being done, Kathy said.
I learned that a huge 300 person family reunion is planned for one of the friends/relatives of Kathy who was there at the diner. This is possible coming from a family of 12 children. There will be name tags, she said.
So, it was certainly a nice surprise evening for me. Thanks Kathy, Lawrence and more!


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