Javier Mendoza concert at St. Louis botanical garden

It got better and better as the night went along, and the violinist abbey something was a great addition. By the end people were dancing and shouting for another song. Plus the gardens R beautiful and over such a large area.






It’s strange how quickly you can acclimate to the unknown. I haven’t been here a full week and yet, it already feels like I’ve been living by this river for months. When I arrived here last weekend, I was introduced to the loping terrain and met the breeze and the sun of this country with timid cheer. But the driving force through my time here so far has been the Gasconade. I look out my window and see it rushing, constant and textured and I am at ease in its endlessness. It wakes me up in the morning and it pushes me right through to the evening.

Yesterday, Mark took me down and we sat in plastic lawn chairs, right in the current. I dangled first my feet in, and then gave way to the river’s insistence, sitting on the river bed. I felt the force of the water around me and traced its power by the wake left by my hand’s disturbance on its surface. We talked about meditation and I learned a new lesson in balance.


Shakespeare in the Park, St. Louis

It was a double header on Saturday, with both Henry IV and V showing in Forest Park.  A beautiful thing to see.  If I’m around, I’ll be sure to see it next year.  Seeing a show at night outside was quite a different atmosphere, and being so close on a blanket during the day for Henry IV made it come alive.IMG_1094