A day with Belle high school students

Earlier this week I spent the day painting with students at the high school in Belle, Missouri. Mark came along to talk to them about OAC and how artists can benefit the community and bring awareness about art that often times doesn’t make it more rural areas of the country.

I had six great volunteers who sat still for 50+ minutes in order for me to paint them. The class watched as I took a canvas panel from nothing to an image that (at least somewhat) resembled their classmate.

When I came up with this idea, I hadn’t thought about the difficulty of trying to process this visual information in front of me in a limited amount of time while trying to talk and answer questions. So, they didn’t get all that much information from me, but I felt it was more important for them see the process…and not end up with a crappy painting. They may not look especially finished, but as the students saw, I was moving all over the composition in an effort to bring everything in the picture up to a similar level of description.

When they are dry, or when school is out (whichever comes first) they will all be able to take their painting home.

Thank you to Caitlyn, Dylan, Zach, Rebekkah, Michal, and Jackie.

Caitlyn Dylan Zach Rebekkah Michal Jackie


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