Decompressing on a Snow Day


Woke up this morning to a blanket of snow; the picture shows the backyard of the main residence.  I love the way the whole world is altered by new snow- somehow the landscape seems airier and weightier at the same time.  

Yesterday I went to St Louis to visit their art museum- it’s always refreshing to go look at other artists’ work after you’ve cooped yourself up in the studio for a month to finish work.  It has been challenging to decompress after finishing my installation of works in the art center- I want to finish another round of work before I leave in a few weeks, but I felt an unexpected sense of completion with the previous round, and feel the need to not simply make more of the same, but to begin new lines of inquiry.   I hope to finish three large paintings in the next few weeks, and am nervous yet excited to see how they differ from the work I’ve already finished.  



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