Flash installation

temporary installation
temporary installation

The past month has been incredibly busy. Mark had spoken to me back in September about installing works down at the OAC Art Center, in order to take pictures for my portfolio, and to see the works in a different space than my studio. There was only going to be a window of 1-2 days, on December 1, when I could install them, between the ending of one show and before the beginning of another. So I set to work, always imagining how the paintings would function together in that gallery space, and trying to create a dialogue between all the works. Along the way, I had to abandon ideas that weren’t coming together in enough time, and then decided to start a large painting that I worked on for only three weeks before installing it. Last week I thought I was going insane and entertained the idea of not installing at all- I just didn’t feel confident in the work.

I am so happy that I did install everything, and it was an amazing opportunity to see them all together in that beautiful gallery space at night. We just took them down this morning- the “show” was really up for only one day. It feels so good to be done, and to move onto my next set of works before the end of my residency!


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