changing weather

The leaves are falling.  Or rather, they are being driven from the branches by a steady and merciless wind and rain.  I am in the later stages of my residency here, and the falling leaves and shorter days have brought to the forefront of my consciousness that this residency, like the season, shall end.  

I arrived here in late summer and its days of high heat and intense sunlight.  Autumn brought cooler temperatures, and I began to venture on long, meandering walks down county roads, where each turn brings beautiful vistas and intimate encounters with livestock.   The mind expands to accommodate this new world: an image enters, a memory flashes, and the two stream into each other, perhaps remaining vividly present through the walk, perhaps submerging, to be recalled at a later time.  And somehow I am left feeling both intensely transported and deeply rooted to the earth.  

Today, however, I watched from the window in studio as the yellow and red leaves streamed downwards, framed on either side by two paintings I am working on.  The past two weeks have been especially productive as I consider my goals for the second half and end of my residency.  In the first two months, I worried that I wasn’t getting enough done in the studio- so many inchoate works leaned against the walls.  Now I am glad that I spent so much time wandering outside, reading in the nearby cemetery, just thinking- I can see how it has transformed my work and entered it in unexpected ways.   And grateful that I could have the time to do so in this beautiful place. 



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